Cover image taken for the new ACCJ president

Cover image taken for the new ACCJ president

The ACCJ Journal

Staff writer for the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan's magazine, the ACCJ Journal. This included numerous event reviews, features on food and drink, politics, real estate, education, technology, agriculture, finance and business.

Women in business

2016 ACCJ Women in Business Summit

The challenges that lie ahead in the fight for female participation in the workforce in Japan

Women for Women


Keiko Maruyama does her part

What Women Want from Work

Support, study, and self-belief start great careers

The Gender Code

Will women program the future?

Global Trends and Practices in Diversity and Inclusion

Mending Mac

McDonald's Japan CEO on how she turned around a brand

WIB Summits 2017

Tokyo, Kansai, and Chubu chapters highlight women in business

Rent vs. Buy

The changing nature of Tokyo's mid-market

Sister Cities

New York and Tokyo bond for tourism and business


Sharing Space

Airbnb and home sharing navigate new Japan law

Business on the Go

Apps and personal service make air travel easier

An Engine of Growth

The role of integrated resorts in Japan

Reaching Altitude

The DNA of ANA

Connecting through Innovation

How US entrepreneurs are inspiring Japanese start-ups

Travel and the Airline Industry in Uncertain Times

Bridging the Gap

How foreign venture firms connect Japanese start-ups and traditional companies

View from Silicon Valley

Japan’s Evolving Role in California and in Asia

Mice Makeover

Work culture and events change Tokyo’s offerings

Liberalized Resources

Who’s investing and winning in electricity and natural gas?

Games of Growth

How the Olympics help develop cities

Summer Interns, Global Careers

Mentors encourage those looking to work internationally




The future of self-driving cars

Intellectual Property and New Technologies

What to protect and how to protect it

Sharing Models

How technology creates a globalized and sustainable economy

Farm Smart

Can agritech save the future of food?

New-Age Farms

How drones are changing the rice industry


How Far Is Too Far?

Tackling the rising tide of financial regulations

The Case for Alternative Investments

And the benefits of risk

Trends in Infrastructure Finance

Industry leader speaks about global investment

Truly Alternative

Passion investing in fine photos

What are International Investors Looking for in ESG?

Tokyo As a Financial Center

Leaders discuss Tokyo governor’s advisory council

Investing in Renewable Energy

Five years of Japan’s feed-in-tariffs


Work Well, Live Better

How fitness helps your physical and mental health

The Mission of AMED

Data sharing beyond borders

Green Grub

Bugs and algae set the stage for alternative foods

Working Well

Enhancing women’s economic participation through better health

How Vaccines Can Protect Our Health and Society

Japan and the state of inoculation

Advocates for Health

The ACCJ–EBC Health Policy White Paper 2017 Launch

Drink to Health

How Japan’s tokuho products took shape

Ready to feel the Burn?

Get your heart beating at Orangetheory Fitness


Navigating the New Washington DC

A look back at the event

An Ambassador Homecoming

The ACCJ welcomes back William Hagerty