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Women in Business

As staff writer for the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan’s magazine, The ACCJ Journal, I wrote a number of features, interviews and events pieces that covered the issues facing women in the workforce, and in wider society in Japan.

2016 ACCJ Women in Business Summit

Coverage of the ACCJ’s Women in Business in 2017. A key topic was the need for public and private sectors to work together to encourage and retain women in the workforce, by ensuring the childcare and other responsibilities were not barriers to growth or career.

Women for Women

An interview with Keiko Maruyama, a mother CEO of Womanet Academy and Consulting. In reponse to Prime Minister Abe’s Womenomics, a part of a his sociopolitical agenda, Keiko saw an opportunity to help women enter into the male-dominated world of IT in Japan, and the hone their skills to start on their own.

What Women Want from Work    

Work culture in Japan is a notoriously tetchy subject, and lends no hand to women balancing family and a career. In this feature I interview female and male leaders in industry to find out how companies can support women with their career aspirations, find value in diversity, and what practical efforts can be made to change things.

The Gender Code

Computer prgramming is a notiouriously male-dominated sector, and even more so in Japan. I speak to the groups and people who are changing things, and helping Japan to meet the increasing demand for software engineers but training an untapped workforce: women.

Global Trends and Practices in Diversity and Inclusion

ACCJ event coverage of a a panel of experts from Catalyst Japan discussing the benefits of diversity in the workforce, and how firms can create more inclusive environments and benefit their bottom line.

Mending Mac

An interview with McDonald’s Japan CEO, Sarah Casanova, on how she turned around the brand following quality issues in 2014, and a subsequent drop in sales. She also speaks frankly about women in leadership and the need for more action.

Women in Business Summits 2017

Event coverage of the 2017 ACCJ Women in Business Summits, including discussions on lifestyle changes, male champions of change, work-style reform, the benefits fo diversity in business, and tackling the challenges of returning to the workforce.

Maxine Cheyney