East Meets West Meets East

My time in Tokyo.

They built this city ...

I'll admit, this post is a little more image-video based because, quite frankly, I have many more important life-altering things to do at the moment. Like find a job.

Watch the video below for a very succinct and straight forward overview of Japanese history, because we all know, half of you reading this know nothing at all about Japan.

Suddenly you realise just how complex Japanese history is, even with that guy's crazy voice and video-edits trying to make for easy digestion. And this is why as you walk through various parts of Tokyo, suddenly you're standing outside a Buddhist shrine or a Shinto temple and next thing you know you're standing next to a glass goliath sky-scraper. Tokyo is so big we've been told it's unlikely we will see all of it in our time here. 

More images in my Tokyo album!



Maxine Cheyney